Photo from "The big room" by Guy Peellaert

Welcome to Mr. Bens place, Here you will find various items of interest. See Ben's death certificate or learn how he got the nick name Bugsy. You can find it all here at Mr. Bens place!

The nickname Learn how Ben became Bugsy.

Personal Belongings This is a list by the L.A. Coroner's office of what Ben had on him when they brought his body in .

Death Certificate  See Ben's Death Certificate.

Funeral Home Here are two photos of the back of the funeral home the day Ben was buried. If you look closely you can see them carrying out the casket.

The Contract This is the contract between Ben and Billy Wilkerson for the Flamingo.

The Women Click here to see some pictures of Ben's Beauties.

Esta's Grave See a photo of Esta Siegel's grave and find out where she is buried.

My tattoo  My own personal tribute to Ben and his hotel

Madame Tussaud's  See Pictures of Ben's wax figure in Las Vegas.

The Houses  Check out some pictures of the cool places that Ben called home.

Wallpapers Add a little class to your desktop with my Ben wallpapers!

Coroner's Report Here you can read the actual coroner's report.

The Siegel Suite Check out photos of Ben's suite at the flamingo.

My Window I have images of Ben and the Flamingo all around my house but one of the coolest things that my husband did for me is to put the flamingo on our side windows of our front door.

Nevada State Museum The Nevada State Museum has a great little display on the Flamingo. Here are some pictures I took on my last Vegas visit.

Rex Menu This is a menu from the ship the S.S. Rex. Ben owned part of this Casino on the water! Check out the prices!!!

Yorkshire Club I was doing some research on the net one day and found out that Ben and Meyer were part owners of a club in Newport, Kentucky called the Yorkshire club. Well since Newport is a mere 15 min away I had to check it out. This is a picture of the building.

Link Banner's   If you would like to link I have created a few banners you can use if you like.

Bathroom tiles from the Linden House View two parts of tile I was able to aquire from the Linden house

Ben and Esta's marriage certificate This is a very cool document to look at!

Memorial plaques Memorial plaques for Ben and his father at their synagogue.

Obituaries There is not an actual obituary for Ben however these are very close.